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About Dragon Dildoes

Lip-shaking, jaw-dropping, toe-curling sex is when you can delve into your deepest desires and explore all your wildest fantasies. Of course, the best thing about desires and fantasies is that we all have different ones so there is so much fun to have both alone and with your partners.

Sex toys are some of the best tools for ramping up your sex life and these days there is no end to the different toys available. Some people like clamping their nipples with nipple clamps, others like plugging their butts with butt plugs for those who dream of diddling a dragon there are no toys like dragon dildoes!

What are Dragon Dildoes?

Dragon dildoes are high-quality sex toys based on different fantasy creatures including (of course) dragons, unicorns, krakens and aliens as well as horses, dogs and other real-world creatures. They can be used for both solo and partner play and enhance roleplay and other fantasy sex. For example, if you want to roleplay as a brave knight who rescues your princess from a ferocious dragon that is ravaging her, our Fire Dragon Dildoes are exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you are a mermaid who has a love affair with a ferocious sea monster, check out some of the beasties in our Octopus Dildo range. 

What Types of Dragon Dildoes are Available?

Dragon Dildoes UK has a huge range of different fantasy sex toys and dragon dildoes to make all of your naughty fantasies a reality. We know that everyone is different so we have compiled the biggest collection to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

As well as the Fire Dragon range mentioned above, we also have Earth and Candy dragon dildoes. These ranges have various dildoes, each with its own name, persona and incredible designs. 

In our Octopus Dildo range, we have a number of different tentacle toys which can wriggle and squirm their way into your wet tunnels. We have a knot dildo range which pays homage to the unique penises of man’s best friends and a range of other animal dildoes including giant Shire Horse cocks. 

Speaking of giant cocks, our Giant Didlo range has some of the biggest sex toys available anywhere on the market with our toys sure to fill your holes and fulfil your fantasies.

All of our dragon dildoes are stunningly designed and crafted and look absolutely amazing. They have vivid colours and unique textures and come in various shapes and sizes. We use only the highest grade silicone for our dragon dildoes and other fantasy sex toys which makes them completely safe and really easy to take care of.

Why are Dragon Dildoes Different to Other Sex Toys?

What really makes dragon dildoes unique is their designs. Most dildoes either look like a tube or like a normal cock. They are either completely smooth, ribbed or veined like a penis and while these can be very pleasurable, they are not so adventurous. 

When it comes to dragon dildoes and fantasy sex toys, however, there is no limit to the different designs available. In fact, the designers were given free rein to let their imaginations run wild and to ask themselves the probing questions which would help to create unique sex toys…

How far does a shire horse cum? Are octopus tentacles good for anal play? Do aliens have smooth or textured cocks?

By answering these questions and many more, the designers were able to design and manufacture sex toys unlike any that had ever been seen on this world, Westeros, Middle Earth, Pandora or anywhere else.

Dragon dildoes don’t just have ribs or bumps, they have warts, horns and scales. They are not just regular penis size, they are giant pleasure weapons which will go to town on your love holes.

Are Dragon Dildoes Health and Hygiene Safe?

Absolutely! While dragon dildoes may look a little intimidating, they are totally safe to play with. All of the dragon dildoes in our collection are crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone. This is the best material for sex toys because it feels great, lasts forever and is easy to use, but especially because it is non-toxic, non-reactive and won’t cause any allergies or irritation. 

Dragon dildoes are easy to clean and sterilise so you don’t need to worry about any health or hygiene risks and they will remain in peak condition as long as you take care of your dildoes properly. 

When Can I Expect My Dragon Dildoes to Arrive?

There is nothing worse than having to wait for a delivery, especially when it is an orgasm-delivering pleasure factory! Well, don’t worry! Because all orders at Dragon Dildoes UK come with FREE express shipping wherever you live when you spend £50 or more. To guarantee the utmost discretion, all dragon dildoes and fantasy sex toys come in unmarked packaging so you can rest assured your postman will have no idea what's inside.

Click here to find out more about Dragon Dildoes UK shipping policy.

How Can I Pay For My Dragon Dildoes Order?

Dragon Dildoes UK has a number of different payment methods available including: 

Credit/Debit Card

Apple Pay

Google Pay

All of these payment channels are totally secure so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Simply make your order, sit back and wait for your brand new dragon dildoes to arrive.

Can Dragon Dildoes be Exchanged or Refunded?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Dragon Dildoes UK to offer any refunds or exchanges for products that you don’t like due to health and hygiene factors. Browse our full collection and you will be able to find the perfect dragon dildo that you will never want to give back!

If you receive a faulty product, however, we will be happy to exchange it for a new one. Just get in touch with us and we will arrange for the replacement order to be sent to you.

Click here to find out more about Dragon Dildoes UK exchange and refund policies.

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