Best Dragon Dildoes Coming Out in 2022

Every year it seems like dragon dildoes just keep on getting better. From the launch of the original Candy Dragon Dildo range to the massive collection of Octopus Dildos which were just released, fantasy sex toy lovers have really been spoilt in recent times. 2022 has been no different with so many new dragon dildoes going straight into our list of favourite sex toys ever.

But what can we look forward to for the rest of the year?

To inspire you and maybe give you some ideas for your naughty Christmas lists, here are the best dragon dildoes coming out in 2022.

1. The Eborsisk 

The Eborsisk is the latest release in the hugely popular Fire Dragon Dildoes range. Brandishing the vivid black and red colour scheme that the Fire Dragons are known for, the Eborsisk may be modestly short for a dragon dildo at just 16.5cm but makes up for it with a serious 6.1cm girth. With a giant head and an incredibly textured shaft, the Eborsisk is one of the most striking dildoes we have ever seen (or fucked!) and it is due to make a big splash on the dragon dildo market.

2. The Lycan

There are few creatures so synonymous with fantasy tales than werewolves. From Twilight to Harry Potter, these monthly monsters have haunted our dreams and thrilled us in our fantasies for centuries. In tribute to that, the 21.5cm Lycan werewolf dildo is designed to have you howling at the full moon in seconds. It has a textured shaft, some serious girth and an integrated suction cup for use anywhere.

3. The Unicorn Horn

Unicorns are the most beautiful and majestic of all fantasy creatures and so it is only right that they have their very own dildo. The Unicorn Horn dildo is the longest fantasy sex toy we have ever seen. In fact, at 46cm long you can fuck your partner from across the room and still give them some seriously deep penetration. One great thing about the Unicorn Horn is that although it is seriously lengthy, it is relatively thin which means you can use it comfortably for anal play too.

4. The Shire Horse

The Shire Horse is a really exciting new addiction to the world of dragon dildoes. At 27.5cm, this toy does justice to the real thing but what is really exciting is that it can deliver a cum shot worthy of the mightiest stallion. That’s right, the Shire Horse is a fully functioning squirting dildo which you can fill with fake cum (or the real stuff if you prefer) and then squirt out using the pump. A Grand National-winning sex toy!

As you can see, 2022 has already been a great year for dragon dildoes and there are still some really hot toys still to drop. The only problem now is working out how many you can fit into your sex toy box. Of course, the best solution is always to just buy a bigger box so you can fit all your new dildoes in!