Caring for Your Dragon Dildoes

Dragon dildoes are without doubt the best fantasy sex toys available anywhere whether that be this world, an alien planet or a mythical realm. A huge reason why dragon dildoes are so popular is that their uniquely textured silicone provides sensations like no other sex toy. Silicone is the best material for dragon dildoes because it is easy to mould into different designs and feels incredible. However, to keep silicone in top condition and to prevent it from wearing down, it is crucial that you know how to look after it.

To help you keep your favourite sex toys in perfect shape, here is our four-step guide to caring for your dragon dildoes.

1. Clean Your Dragon Dildoes Each Time You Use Them

The first step in taking proper care of your dragon dildoes is to wash them thoroughly both before and after you use them. This will ensure that there are no sex fluids, lube or anything else left on the dildoes and will also guarantee that you are not putting anything into your body that shouldn’t be there. To clean your dragon dildoes, just wipe them down with antibacterial soap and rinse them under clean water. To get into all the little grooves and bumps that make dragon dildo textures so pleasurable, use a soft toothbrush that can reach every nook and cranny.

2. Regularly Sterilise Your Dragon Dildoes

You should also sterilise your dragon dildoes every week or so. This will prevent any nasty bacteria from settling on the surface of your dildoes which could pose a risk to your health. You can sterilise your dragon dildoes either by:

  1. Putting them in the dishwasher
  2. Boiling them in water

Either method is fine as the medical-grade silicone that dragon dildoes are made of can withstand heat and pressure.

3. Never Use Silicone-Based Lube with Your Dragon Dildoes

Speaking of silicone, it is very important that you never use lubricants that are silicone-based with your dragon dildoes. While it may sound untrue, silicone lubes actually break down solid silicone which deteriorates the surface of sex toys. Not only will this ruin your dragon dildoes’ wonderful textures, but it can also make an attractive habitat for bacteria.

4. Store Your Dragon Dildoes Safely 

Cleaning this giant dildoes and then throwing them in the back of a dirty old drawer completely defies the point. Instead, keep your dragon dildoes in their original boxes (if they came in one) or purchase soft individual pouches. This will prevent any dust or other grime from getting on your toy and will also mean you can locate your toys quickly when your holes are honking for a bonking!

Dragon dildoes take care of your every need so the least you can do is return the favour. The medical-grade silicone that makes dragon dildoes so special needs to be looked after carefully if you want to get many years of pleasure out of your toys. Clean your dragon dildoes regularly, use the right lube and keep it somewhere safe and clean. By following these easy steps, your dragon dildoes will be blowing fire up your tunnels for many happy years.