How Big are Dragon Dildoes?

Dragon dildoes are the world heavyweight champions of the sex toy universe. Boring old dildoes are last decade’s news with discerning customers demanding far more exciting dildoes to diddle their fiddles. Dragon dildoes are beautifully designed, uniquely pleasurable and lip-shakingly fuckable. For many dragon dildo lovers, however, there is only one feature that makes these sex toys their go-to orgasm aids: their size!

That’s right, dragon dildoes are seriously long and seriously girthy which ensures all your holes are filled and your urges are fulfilled.

But how big are dragon dildoes? And does their size put anyone off?

Let’s take a look…

Are Dragon Dildoes Really That Big?

Pretty much all dragon cock dildoes are far longer and wider than normal vibes and dildoes. The majority of fantasy dildoes are at least 20-25cm long and at least 3-5cm in diameter. There are also a number of dildoes in both the Octopus and Fire Dragon dildo ranges which have huge tapered shafts which get wider near the base. These are great toys for stretching, training and stuffing all your holes. 

Which Dragon Dildoes are the Biggest?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of “biggest”. If you are looking for dragon dildoes with the girthiest shafts then the Octopus and Fire Dragon dildoes mentioned above are your best choice. In terms of sheer length, there is no beating the Shire Horse Squirting Dildo which is a humongous 27.5cm in length (amazingly this is still shorter than the real thing!) and also delivers a formidable cumshot.

How to Choose the Best Dragon Dildoes for Your Collection?

Choosing the best dragon dildoes can be tricky, especially if you are new to giant sex toys. The important thing is not to run before you have learned to walk when it comes to playing with your dragon dildo. If you are experienced with big toys or penises, then go ahead and buy the Shire Horse or an Octopus Tentacle dildo to stretch you to your limits. If you are a newbie, look for something a little smaller and make sure you use plenty of lube!

Are Dragon Dildoes Too Big for Anal Play?

Absolutely not, but again, it is all about knowing your limits and being careful. If you are an anal virgin then take your time with smaller dragon dildoes, use loads of lube and work your way up to bigger toys. On the other hand, if you have been exploring your forbidden treasure for years, crack straight on with some massive dragon dildoes and you will understand why they are the go-to sex toys for anal play lovers.

While size doesn’t always matter, for dragon dildoes fans, there is no doubt that bigger is definitely better. These massive fantasy sex toys don’t mess around and they are must-have items for every size queen or king’s sex toy collection. With a HUGE range of HUGE dildoes available, there is no end to the fun you can have with your own set of dragon dildoes.