Collection: Animal dildos

What’s your favourite kind of sex? Slow love-making with candles, bath salts and Barry White? Lights off, clothes on, fumbling under the covers? Of course not! Everyone knows that the only way to have sex is to unleash your inner beast and let your animalistic instincts run wild. After all, you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

At Dragon Dildoes UK, we are huge fans of animal dildos because they enable you to live out all your animal fantasies. Whether you want to pleasure your partner with a knot dildo for being a good boy or practising riding a stallion with a giant squirting shire horse dildo, we have a range of amazing animal dildos which will help you in your sexy roleplay. Unlike the other Dagon Dildoes UK fantasy sex toys which are based on mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns, our animal dildos pay homage to real creatures. This means that you can play out real-world scenarios in the bedroom and seriously explore your wildest kinks.

But what makes our animal dildos different from other sex toys? Well, there are three main points that our customers love: design, material and function.

1. Design

Animal dildos are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Nobody wants a dull, standard dildo anymore, they want unique, intrinsically crafted sex swords. All of our animal dildos are expertly designed with textured shafts which stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in every hole and provide incredible sensations. Animal dildos are created to look like extreme versions of the real thing, you better believe you won’t have boring sex or masturbation when you whip out an octopus dildo! They also come with suction cups attached to the end so you can stick your animal dildos up anytime, anywhere and get down to some naughty business.

2. Material

All of our animal dildos are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. This is the best grade of silicone available and it is the perfect material for sex toys for a number of reasons. First of all, silicone is a very versatile material so it is easy to mould into our different animal dildos. It is also a completely safe material that won’t cause any allergies or irritation. Silicone will also last for centuries as long as you look after it properly and clean it on a regular basis

3. Function

We have a range of animal dildos with a whole load of different functions. Our giant animal dildos, for example, will stuff and stretch your holes while our squirting dildos can deliver a serious cumshot. 

We know that waiting for a delivery is no kind of fun, particularly when it is a new sex toy that you are waiting for. That’s why we offer free next-day shipping on all our animal dildos. Your order will also come discreetly packaged so that your neighbours and postman will have no idea what’s inside.

With a range of different payment options, start browsing our animal dildos and we will have your brand new toy with you in no time!